Southern Great Barrier Reef – The Keppels

beaches-gki-2The Keppel Islands form a true island paradise located on the Southern Great Barrier Reef. With 18 breathtakingly beautiful islands, the Keppel Isles boasts the very best of the reef, a sparkling blue sea and pristine white sand beaches. You can swim right off the beach and onto the world’s biggest coral reef while you’ll be protected by a fringing reef. This makes that the the waters surrounding the Keppel Isles are surprisingly amazingly calm, which makes it the perfect spot for all sorts of watersports, such as scuba diving and snorkeling, water-skiing and tubing, and sea kayaking.

The region boasts an abundance of sea life, tropical fish, and colorful coral, that are filling the waters only the shortest swim away. If you feel like diving a little deeper, the Keppel Isles are entirely surrounded by fringing reefs and an …


Central Queensland Sapphire Gemfields

The Central Queensland Sapphire Gemfields are located on the Tropic of Capricorn approximately 350 kms (217 miles) west of Rockhampton, Queensland Australia.( 50 kms west of Emerald). Access is by sealed roads to the townships of Anakie, Sapphire, Rubyvale and The Willows. The area has a permanent population of around 3000 people. During the peak tourism period May to September, this number will at least double and up to 60,000 visitors come here over the course of a year. Winter is the peak season for Australian travelers and in Summer we often can see an influx of international tourists escaping the northern hemisphere winter.

The Gemfields has a unique easily going lifestyle, many of the residents have a strong independent streak and an unconventional outlook on life. This has resulted in the Gemfields evolving its own special style of building …


Fossicking For Sapphires in The Gemfields

fossicking-for-sapphiresIn this post you can learn how to go about when you want to go fossicking for sapphires in the Sapphire Gemfields, Central Queensland. The Sapphire Gemfields cover around 900 square kilometers, some 348 square miles, and the area is actually one of the largest sapphire fields on earth. The area includes the towns of Rubyvale, Anakie, Sapphire, and Willows Gemfields. Mining in the fields started in 1875 when a Railway surveyor found the first sapphire gem here. Today, visitors from all across the planet come here to search for a sapphire that may come in multiple colors, from yellow, blue, and green, to multi-colored and star-shaped sapphires.

If you feel like trying your luck you can come to Central Queensland and find a sapphire in the Gemfields of Central Queensland. Sure, you can come to the Rubvale Gem Gallery …

Sapphire Caravan RV Park – Things To Do

download-48The Sapphire Caravan RV Park is situated on more than four 4 acres of the most beautiful Central Queensland bushland right in the middle of the Gemfields. Sapphire Caravan Park was formerly named Sunrise Cabins, but all is under new management and a new name to provide the best fossicking experience. The park guarantees its guests a tranquil stay and peaceful stay with the greatest bush views, and abundant wildlife and hundreds of birds. If you visit the park, you’ll feel like you’re staying in a fine retreat instead of staying at a Caravan Park.

The park includes Billy Boulder cottages that all come with their unique decor and names to provide a unique touch and give you a homely feel. Here you can experience a one-of-a-kind holiday you’ll never forget while at the same time you might find a …

Great Barrier Reef


Innovative Technology of Dewatering Geocontainers and Great Barrier Reef

Most probably you heard that there is a green light for a major expansion of the Australian port of Abbot Point, and that it will become the world’s biggest coal port. Constructing this port will include the removal of around three million cubic meters of seabed which will be dumped in the area of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage. It’s less known that there is a new innovative technology based on de-watering the sludge with geocontainers. This technology is taught in high school classes yet it’s not that popular.

Let me give you some explanation.  To create  the Australian port of Abbot Point a lot of dredging needs to be done.
To give you an idea of the scale of this dredging, if all the dredged material were dumped on land, the pile would be bigger than the Great …

The Great Barrier Reef Pollution – Farms & Fossil Fuels


For years we learned as students that the Great Barrier Reef was the most beautiful reef in the world, and many of us (myself included) took a gap year after the ACT test to go and visit this famous place. It was worth it! Now we hear new but alarming things about the Great Barrier Reef.

All rhetoric and policies around the Great Barrier Reef issues have in no way matched reality while one of the world’s greatest natural wonders keeps on suffering from ongoing pollution. But as in late November 2015, corals in the northern portions of the Great Barrier Reef began to get a bleached white color, things finally turned around.

For many years, the Australian population had been told that one of the world’s most precious ocean jewels was getting better, and it had been only months …


Sapphire Gemfields – The Towns

Bling Bling Baby

When visiting towns like Sapphire, Rubyvale, Willows Gemfields, or Anakie, you’ll surely be download-45under the spell of some pretty serious gemstone fever. Just come and check out this impressive region, the Central Queensland Sapphire Gemfields. The area is found on the Capricorn Highway, some 3 hours west of Rockhampton, and some 45 minutes west of Emerald, in Australia’s Central Highlands Region, Queensland, The Sapphire Gemfields region covers more than 900 square kilometers (348 square miles) that offers you plenty of opportunities to discover your own gemstones in abandoned mines.

You have many different options if you want to explore the Sapphire Gemfields. There are many guided tour that offer walk-in tours of underground mines, or you can join a digging tour. Another option is booking a self-drive ‘fossicking’ tour where you will receive all necessary equipment and …