Blue Gemstones Cutting Practice

All gem shops in Central Queensland’s Sapphire area have the mission to enhance the beauty given to each natural stone placed in their hands for cutting and setting. They strive to amplify the natural qualities in the most beneficial way – there is nothing natural about faceting a stone, but the study and best use of that stone, continues a natural theme. Let’s look better at Blue Gemstones Cutting Practice.

With that in mind, these professionals pursue the process by designing settings and choosing “forms” to follow the “function”. Whether you choose to allow them to cut, design, or set, or buy one of their stones for your own ideas and designs, it’s entirely up to you. They all offer at least one concept that few other places in the world can – the ability to design your jewelry from the gemstone rough, through the cutting, and finally to the finished setting. Looking around their ateliers, you’ll find plenty of beautiful examples of such finished products.

Right here in Sapphire, they took a 15ct Citrine rough (yes, that stone is a Red Madeira Citrine), cut it in a double brilliant round style (twice the number of facets of a regular round brilliant), at a final weight of 5.02ct, designed a custom 18K yellow gold ladies ring, and set it with tapered baguette diamonds. It wouldn’t be fair to the customer to tell what her ring cost but it was 40% less than the nearest competitor. In this part of the world, they have had similar results with other pieces, and they all have the proof and customer claims to back it up. This area is also known for the great fossicking opportunities.

Now, you may be uneasy about doing business over the Internet and herein lies the reason that many gem artists in Central Queensland haven’t set up online ordering. That said and done though, the Internet is like most other media, you browse a magazine or journal advertisement, and then call or visit the artists’ workshops where you can visit, browse, ask questions to your heart’s content, without fear of high sales pressure.

Much of the jewelry industry is run from the same kind of trust relationship. The entire industry relies on good service and the trust bond built on mutual respect. Most local gemstone artists are very experienced and have a modest inventory without big showrooms. They will instead pass on those unspent costs and let you reap the benefit of superior gemstones and unique design.

In this part of the world, you will find some of the finest Gemstones and Jewelry items available anywhere. All pieces are cut by master faceters, fashioned by the best designers, and set in the finest jewelry metals. Here, in Central Queensland’s Gemfields, the artists are creative and the artwork is reasonably priced.

Another way to get acquainted with the beautiful gemstone art products by regional artists is to visit the annual GemFest in Anakie, one of the towns in Central Queensland Gemfields. The 4-day festivity takes place in August and you’ll be surprised by the quality and low prices of the most beautiful jewelry you’ve ever seen! Each piece is unique and represents a life-long memory for you that will stay in the family for generations to come. You can read more about the town in this remarkable part of the world in this post.