Southern Great Barrier Reef – The Keppels

beaches-gki-2The Keppel Islands form a true island paradise located on the Southern Great Barrier Reef. With 18 breathtakingly beautiful islands, the Keppel Isles boasts the very best of the reef, a sparkling blue sea, and pristine white sand beaches.

You can swim right off the beach and onto the world’s biggest coral reef while you’ll be protected by a fringing reef. This makes that the waters surrounding the Keppel Isles are surprisingly amazingly calm, which makes it the perfect spot for all sorts of watersports, such as scuba diving and snorkeling, water-skiing and tubing, and sea kayaking.

The region boasts an abundance of sea life, tropical fish, and colorful coral, that are filling the waters only the shortest swim away. If you feel like diving a little deeper, the Keppel Isles are entirely surrounded by fringing reefs and an impressive marine life. There are over 40 fantastic dive locations where you can marvel at hard and soft coral, a huge variety of tropical fish, the friendliest turtles, dolphins, sea snakes, and gigantic manta rays.

he Keppel Islands are a great getaway for just a day, but if you feel like staying for a while, you won’t find a friendlier and more impressive destination. The main island is ‘Great Keppel Island’ and several ferries are departing practically all days to and from Keppel Bay Marina, and Pier One in Rosslyn Bay. You can also find several full day cruises, extended tours, charter options, and sailing adventures offered at Keppel Bay Marina.

Great Keppel Island is offering visitors a wide range of accommodation, from cabins and tents to a private. luxurious beach house, right on the water’s edge. You can take a couple of days to explore the island’s tropical bushlands and enjoy a few of the island’s 17 pristine white powdery sandy beaches.  Or not, if you don’t feel like.

Here you find a place that invites you to just lean back while soaking up the sun rays on island time. If you’re looking to have a more upscale and intimate tropical island experience, you can visit the pretty exclusive island resort of Pumpkin Island, located just south of North Keppel Island

If you feel like camping in a more Robinson Crusoe style, there are plenty of opportunities. You can check out Keppel Bay Islands National Park (North Keppel Island), Miall Island, Humpy Island, Pided Island, Middle Island, or Pelican Island. Bear in mind that you need to bring your own drinking water, and all campers must have a camping permit! For more information, you can check the National Parks.

The Keppels are a true ‘Boaties Paradise‘. The region’s location and climate form the perfect setting for the best sailing adventures, and the absolute pristine beauty that the Keppel Islands offer, is a cruising yachtsman’s genuine wet dream. You can find several options offered by local organizations where experienced instructors will teach you how to sail the tropical waters of the beautiful Keppel Islands.